Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sellers we dig: Bottlessoldcheap

c1890-1940s Collection of 16 Different Glass Insulators Aqua, Blue and Clear Lot 2

image by David Corriera of Bottlessoldcheap

Etsy has a new featured seller each week, and while most of them have a decent product, I feel like a lot of really cool people can get glossed over if they're not taking photos with a DSLR. Sure, I like the pretty pictures too but in the end, you;re not spending money on a listing, but a product you will hopefully love and enjoy or appreciate.

Bottlessoldcheap is run by a guy named David Corriera out of Vermont and he has a FANTASTIC assortment of vintage glass from the past three centuries spanning from food containers to ink or poison bottles to even those lovely insulators of yesteryear. The only thing that matches the selection are his prices.

Here are some of my favorite items:

19th century hand blown pocket flasks (awesome bud vases!)

blown glass half gallon mineral water bottle

6 round bottomed torpedo bottles (mad crushing on these)

Super cool Pawnee Indian Medicine bottle with the label intact

a spring water bottle with a porcelain topper

And my FAVORITE a druggist bottle with a mean lean (super love it)

This man will be getting my business, but the hard part is going to be choosing what to buy, he's got over a thousand items and even huge bulk lots for weddings and parties.

I love when people do right by other people.

Good dude.

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