Thursday, July 12, 2012


I don't even have words to describe how awesome our 4th was, and really don't have enough pictures to detail some of the fun stuff we got ourselves into, but if I don't put this up now it'll be in draft land forever.

I do however have 2 food tips in Vegas for people who are super cheap like us. The first is to hit up Tacos El Gordo for cheap eats that'll hit the spot. It's right above the Encore. the second is the $20 sushi AYCE buffet at Goyemon. It's 3 big blocks off the strip, if you go early you'll always get a seat, the rolls are delicious, they have a huge selection, and you can order half rolls so you can try more!

The food was nice, but the fireworks are always the best part of the trip. Always.

he's holding back, folks . . . really.

Sir, can I interest you in our "grounds for divorce" promo?

flying the flag on a walk around town

luxury accommodations!

My brother almost cried from happiness

the haul

daniele meats and castello bleu cheese at walmart?! what?!

78 degrees and breezy in southern nevada. will never happen again.

i decided at the last minute to take a picture of absolutely nothing

too gorgeous

it gets better

and better

and better

pahrump is a happy place

as long as you always look up!

playing with big sparklers to celebrate the 4th!

it's as fun as it looks

o hai desert!

you are beautiful

all the time!

valley of fire

a big horn sheep family running away!

rainbow vista

minh at rainbow vista

these are just the punks

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