Friday, June 01, 2012

Screen Door Do-Over

Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst decided to let her front door do all the greeting, and embroidered "Hello" into the screen in lovely uniform red letters.



This is probably being generous, but I've maybe cross-stitched for about 2 minutes in my entire life (but that doesn't keep me from having an entire box full of 50+ categorized and cataloged bobbins of embroidery floss now does it? No...)

(. . .I wasn't kidding. Don't doubt me.)

So anyway I was like YAY something to make my rented screen door look cooler and maybe hide some of the holes I'm sold. But I don't have time for orderliness right now so we freehanded.

Stars of course!

I did two simple stars and doubled the strands so it wouldn't look super anemic, and then made the smaller ones and filled them in kinda sorta. The tiny scribbled one is my favorite. Halfway through I thought maybe a little planning WOULD have gone a long way and then I could have done something clever like weave in an actual constellation but then I was like who DOESN'T know that it ISN'T? Right?! So anyway this is a good start but I'm going to veer slightly toward overkill and put in a few more tomorrow. If I actually try to photo this right maybe someone else will be as impressed as I am.

Doing something like this totally reminded me: having a house of your own is cool.

Update: I added a few more :) And now I feel like I need a few more. I'm going to follow my new rule which is to push things into overkill and then pull back. Who doesn't like knowing how far is too far!

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