Thursday, August 02, 2012

No Telly? No Problem!

I might have mentioned this before but our house is cute and VERY TINY.

Early on I had a feeling going without TV would be a good move for us, and having absolutely no room for one made any sort of temptation super slight. The ONLY time I regretted this was for about 5 minutes when I found out we had super limited online coverage available from NBC.


Minh however is unassailable and within minutes found this awesome post at about getting a subscription to the BBC for only $9!

The BBC coverage, (understandably right?!) has been phenominal and even though their sites aren't super intuitive, we've gotten the hang of it and have watched OODLES of footage. Their documentaries have been amazing, and if you're into Brit programming anyway (AbFab, Dr. Who, etc.) it is triply worth the cash.

Even if you've got cable here but want to watch Olympics in the best possible way, check this out. DO IT.

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