Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whatever, Brooklyn. . .

One of my 2 favorite thrift stores is pretty close to my new place but not close enough to be dangerous. Good thing!

So Community Thrift isn't like Goodwill or Salvation Army. It's a for-profit and sometimes those can be a huge let-down. Come to think about it Goodwill has turned out to be way worse as far as high prices and boring selection. They're branding themselves to be more like a Ross or TJMaxx, and Salvation Army has more people weeding out valuables during sorting which means more trash, less treasure.

I digress.

So Community Thrift can sometimes have shockingly high prices ($12 jeans?! $37 embroidered tablecloths?!) But don't be discouraged there is some sweet stuff to be found.

Today? Not so much . . . not much of anything really. The store looked more barren then usual.

Linen rack? Duds. Houseware shelves? Nuthin'. Ladies' long sleeves? Don't even get me started.

As a last resort I flipped through the frames thinking maybe I'd come across a nice shape from decent hard wood, and didn't like any of them.


I found an old original photo from around 1910 and I know SOMEBODY wants it.


Because a) Everybody is a freaking hipster, b) it's a documented fact that freaking hipsters love old things and Brooklyn and photos (not necessarily in that order) and c) because this is a PHOTO of BROOKLYN taken in OLD TIMES a.k.a. 1910. It's nature. You can't fight it.

It's got a clear shot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges but the best part I think is the cool painted signage on all the buildings and the smattering of steam clouds coming up from the smoke stacks.

I'm just here to help. Really.

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