Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lincoln + Glenoaks

Today we cruised over to Burbank for a pre-sale and that can only mean one thing: Kim Hutchinson. I'd take a bullet for this woman. She's LOVELY and always gives me a crazy low price on whatever I'm getting. We've only been to a few of hers before but she's remembered us since the second one and always gives us a nice wave. Friendliest seller by far.

Other than being nice she totally rules because even though it's a pre-sale her prices aren't jacked up. Some stuff is firm which I totally get but the little things we like we get for next to nothing.

This house made me smile. It seemed like a pretty austere, but really happy place. It was very neat and everything had a place, even before Kim had to set up you could tell. No weird smalls and the furniture and carpets were spotless. And we know they had a cat (only because there was kitty litter and food in the garage) so that's no easy feat. Good solid German Protestants.

I think the biggest luxuries in the house were music and books. These were my kind of people. They had a petite organ, TONS of LPs and a BEAUTIFUL collection of old German Bibles with illustration and leather covers. There was a small memoir with a suede cover too. They were all delicate but in pretty great condition. Some of them immaculate. Boy, I really hope they go to a good home.

I felt a kinship with the owners and wanted to steward at least one of their books, and since everything else was so cheap I bought a 1906 Sunday School Hymnal. It has songs and also some beautiful readings and prayers inside. I'll have fun reading it over.

The kitchen was sparse. They only had what the really needed it seems and one thing I've been looking for is a flat grater. SCORE! Now I can make my zucchini pasta and cauliflower rice with ease, and It doesn't take up a grip of space.

From the back porch, the garage didn't look too promising, but there's a rule that made us go in and it paid off. NEVER overlook the garage. Dudes sometimes squirrel away things only they like, like cool old filler paper and slate baseball stat clip boards! Score!

So we get up to in line with the goods. She takes a quick look and says, "You guys are so funny you always get paper and the weirdest things (giggling)...six bucks."

Love. Her.

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