Thursday, August 29, 2013

Linda Vista + Afton

Tucked away in that ritzy 'hood west of the Rosebowl was this cool little abode that belonged to even cooler people. The husband was a military man and his wife was a prolific ceramist. This was the only picture I took because the rest of the time I was in animal mode.

Besides delicious textiles, legit military surplus galore, and super cool "this and thats", there were over 500 pieces of handmade pottery for sale, going at a dollar an inch.

Folks, it was unreal. The house was this cool kinda sorta split level but the flow was really nice, or would have been without 50 other people. Right by the pool was the neatest quirky gas fired kiln with a really cool extra tall chimney design. While I was checking out I overheard bids going for the thing. I hope it wound up with someone cool. Then a few steps up from that was her ceramics studio and my brother and I were in heaven. I snagged a bunch of her small works. I love tiny vessels. Then there was more to be had in their garage where I found some great French paper sheets, and where Minh found some great duffel a and side packs in terrific condition. All from 1944... What...

So unbelievable.

This was the line AFTER sixty of us already gone in.

Sean had some major scores, and one of them is this picture of him looking like a two year old with a beard.

This. Is the haul, minus the duffels and bags. 

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