Monday, February 20, 2012

Craigslist be my valentine...

Super in love with our new desk lamp. Why yes that IS a milk glass shade attached to a 3-point swivel brass base. Thanks for noticing :)

The guy I bought it from lives in his sister's pool house and has turned it into a mini-version of the playboy mansion. It was probably 300 hundred square feet and had wainscoting, hardwood floors, and the wasp-iest hunter green wallpaper with tiny mallards in flight. He had one excellent leather wing-back chair and the tiniest galley table for eating I'd ever seen. I would have been really into it but he answered the door in a silk half robe and I'm gonna guess there wasn't much on underneath. But his sister had my back and in a fight I could take him and I REALLY wanted that lamp...

Broke a cardinal facebook rule: Don't meet dudes at private residences for purchases after dark, but with the sister present and the height discrepancy in my favor, I'll let myself slide.

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